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Become a Partner

Why Become a RunnerSquare Partner?

Becoming a member of RunnerSquare Solution Partner program is a joint long-term commitment based on a shared vision on our synergy and common value proposition to the market. The partnership is led by the objective for growing a business for mutual success.

Being part of our affiliates network enables the partner to benefit from a world-class Corporate Wellness digital environment and the cooperation with RunnerSquare teams to improve it. Partners get the support to best capture their valued expertise in Corporate Wellness programs deployment integrating RunnerSquare's Corporate Wellness platform.

Joining forces with RunnerSquare will help partners to increase their visibility in the marketplace, develop their position and market coverage. Partners receive the support they need to grow their business through the latest digital innovation in Corproate Wellness programs dynamization and management.

Some affiliate benefits:

  • Increase your revenue stream with a 20% commission fee plus other revenues, as you can customize the platform look & feel for your customers and earn more money.
  • Loyalize your customers with a recurring long-term service and get paid comissions during 2 years for recurring fees.
  • Earn extra money creating new Corporate Wellness challenges for your customers
  • Offer latest technology to your customers and be ahead from your competitors offering
  • Don’t need technical skills nor to have helpdesk, as it is provided by RunnerSquare

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